OMNI-MEANS Core Services

OMNI-MEANS provides services for planning, design and construction management of the built environment.

Our diversity allows us to serve both public and private clients during each phase of a project, including preliminary planning services, design and finally construction management.


OMNI-MEANS provides a solution-oriented approach to meet your transportation consulting needs. From initial access, circulation, and impact analysis; through design and construction management, our transportation team will meet your needs.

Roundabout Design

Roundabouts can improve capacity, safety, and improve air quality. OMNI-MEANS has extensive experience in the design and implementation of roundabout facilities.

Civil Engineering

Our proactive project approach is focused on developing positive working relationships with you, the client / the agency, and the community. This approach helps to create the understanding of mutual needs which will result in innovative, timely, and cost-effective solutions to your project.

Land Development

OMNI-MEANS will provide planning and design solutions to meet the your project requirements; navigating the many problems the land development process will present. We are there from project inception to occupancy.

Landscape Architecture

Our design process goes beyond Civil Engineering services, providing the expertise to create appropriate, yet innovative, environmentally sensitive and highly individualized landscape solutions.


Whether your project needs include the creation of a base survey, processing of tentative / final maps, legal descriptions, or construction survey, OMNI-MEANS will deliver.

Construction Management

OMNI-MEANS provides Construction Management services to public agencies, as well as private development. We offer a full range of services from constructibility reviews, to inspection services.

OMNI-MEANS Project Experience